How to login if Beyond Identity is not working

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This article explains workarounds for several scenarios where you may have difficulties logging in to our support portal. The methods for working around this are 'roaming authentication' and 'email access token.'



Beyond Identity Service Interruption An unlikely scenario where our services are completely down and unresponsive, causing service interruption
Network Connectivity Issue You may be connecting from a network with proxies or other features preventing Beyond Identity Authentication from functioning.
Credential or Enrolment Related Issue If your credential is in a state where you cannot access it via any device, you have lost your device or something similar before you re-enroll.
Non-Supported Platform or Operating System

Even though we try to have options for all the major operating systems, there are some specific platforms that we have not yet added to our supported platforms.


How to workaround

If you have the credential on your mobile phone.


If you don't have access to the credential

In the case that the credential is inaccessible or the network prevents accessing our services, or in the unlikely scenario that our services are unresponsive, you can email to open a ticket with us

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