Why am I prompted to confirm my authentications?

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Adetola Oduguwa


This dialog box will appear when:

  • a user authenticates via a browser or application for the first time
  • during the authentication, user interaction was required by the browser (for example, the browser asks for permission to open the Beyond Identity application)
  • the browser cookies and caches have been reset
  • the browser has been updated
  • In some circumstances, we are unable to contact the platform authenticator and need to fall back to an alternative mechanism to communicate for compatibility. If the fallback is necessary, the user confirmation popup is shown.

Is there a configuration to turn off this confirmation pop-up?

No. This is dependent on the mechanism used to communicate to the platform authenticator. Officially unsupported browsers (Brave, for example) may cause this behaviour, as may embedded web views. Using a supported browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge) typically means the fallback is unnecessary.


When performing authentication, the user is prompted to accept or deny the authentication request.





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