How to uninstall the Beyond Identity Authenticator on a Mac

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Adetola Oduguwa
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The following steps will remove the Beyond Identity Authenticator from the Mac OS device.

  1. Open the Beyond Identity Authenticator

  2. Right Click on the authenticator icon in the top taskbar
  3. Click on Quit Beyond Identity Completely

  4. Navigate to the Application Folder

    1. Click on Finder

    2. Click on Applications under the Favorites Column

  5. Right Click on Beyond Identity

  6. Select Move to Bin

  7. Navigate to the Utilities under the Application folder
  8. Open the Terminal application
  9. Issue the following command
  10. rm -r ~/Library/Application\ 
  11. Support/com.beyondidentity.endpoint.macos
  12. You may close the Terminal application once done.

    Sample files required to be removed, during the uninstallation process.  

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