Slow Internet Connection (High Resource Utilization)

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Oluwatosin Adegbaju
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A high CPU/Memory utilization may result in a slow internet speed. When the resource utilization on a computer goes beyond 70%, it has a considerable impact on the internet speed.

Users are advised to reduce the number on tabs running on their web browsers.

In addition, you can follow the steps below to check and kill applications that consumes too much memory.

  1. Go to spotlight search and type Activity Monitor


  2. Select CPU to see the topmost app and the percentage CPU utilization.


3. At the bottom of the page, if idle CPU is below 30%, this may constitute to the connectivity issue you experience.

  • Select the app/process with the highest resource consumption, then click this button to kill the process.


If issue persists, Please reach out to the IT department



Written By: Adesola Adeoti


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