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What is Phishing?

Phishing is a type of fraud in which a hacker attempts to gather personal information or credentials by impersonating a legitimate brand and sending users to a malicious website.

But what if the email sender is a person in Andela?

Never trust an email that is based simply on the purported sender. Cybercriminals have many methods to disguise emails. They understand how to trick their victims into thinking a sender is legitimate when the email is really coming from a malicious source. 

How can I detect a phishing email?

  • Take note of the sending email address and not just the name displayed


  • Hover your cursor over links in the email to determine their real destination


  • Be wary of emails that seek unnecessary urgent attention

I’ve received a phishing email. Now what?

  • Do not respond to the email, do not click on any links nor open any attachments
  • Report the incident to IT via the helpdesk on
  • If in doubt, get clarification from  IT
  • Mark the email as Phishing from within Gmail to allow us to improve our automatic defensesScreenshot_2020-09-14_at_16.17.32.png


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